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REACH Initiatives

We had an amazing experience during the Canada Day Pancake breakfast. Thank you volunteers, about 40 of you come out to serve pancakes and connect with our community. Many thanks to our program managers who endured the rigors. Just before the event begun, Ceri got unwell and with pain rushed to the emergency, RAH. Praise God she got home to her family that afternoon.

About 150 guests attended the breakfast and they were very appreciative. Few guests come early and got fully involved with the preparation, it was such a wonderful time connecting with the community.

60 guests completed our survey and included comments such as “Thank you for a very happy and organized Canada Day breakfast,” “Excellent pancake breakfast – love the fresh fruit toppings,” and “I’m a neighbor and I like to become more involved.” The highest interests selected by the guests include: Canada Day Pancake -75%, Family Movie Evening -68%, Guitar Lessons -44%, Healthy Vegetarian Cooking -39%, Gardening Lessons -32%, and Depression Avoidance/Recovery Seminar -29%. We thank Our Lord for affirming that we’re REACHing our community at their needs.

Today REACH Session: Sabbath July 8, 3:00 – 7:00PM Fellowship Hall: The Holy Spirit will lead us collectively in drafting the mission, vision, and priorities of our church for the coming years.

You’re all invited, come and unite to determine the ECSDAC way forward. See you at 3:00PM sharp! on July 8.

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